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The Magic of Grace in the Present Moment …

Taking faith out of the bookstore shelves is a challenging, yet vital task to making our world a better place. Although I am slowly returning to a liberal / moderate Christian path of practice after a long journey away, the term “Mahayana” is still appropriate. Mahayana means “the Great Vehicle”, it is the vehicle of Buddhism that advocates turning outward and working for the benefit of others, and not just ourselves. Jesus calls his disciples to do the same.

Red Mahayana is a blog of my own musings about life, practice, and everything in general (whatever ends up here). 


Some things you need to know about Red Mahayana:

Red Mahayana is a blog at the intersection of wisdom, awakening, and life and is the brainchild of Ian C.

Red Mahayana consists of theological or philosophical musings, but sometimes will comment on political situations occurring here and abroad. Comments made here are not by professional pundits or authority figures. Rather, they are made from the open heart of a practitioner who is trying to make sense of life in the context of the life of a 21st century American lay householder.

Red Mahayana is not neutral, by any stretch of the imagination. However, any opinions expressed will be expressed in a respectful way, though, they may be controversial. Life is full of complexity, and I expect my posts to live up to that complexity. So if you don’t understand, or if you disagree, that’s ok, and it’s natural. Red Mahayana is also a not so subtly veiled statement that I have liberal-leaning political views.

Just so we’re clear:

I’m a Practitioner, NOT a Teacher or Authority Figure
Everything that is written on the blog is written out of the knowledge, experience, and seeds of practice I have sown over the years. With respect to faith and practices, I write based on what teachings we have received and how we understand them. I do not assert to have authorization to teach or ordination from any organization or group, nor do I assert that any of the opinions I have are authoritative in any way. The goal of the posts I write are to spark your thinking, to maybe motivate your practice, and above all to benefit others.

This blog is me, and no one else.
you read on Red Mahayana is to be construed solely as my opinion, and not that of any organization, group, or teacher.

And Finally

May all beings benefit. 

(May all beings benefit)

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